Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Snoozing Struggle

Why did you get out of bed today? Seriously....why did you do it? We all have those mornings when it's rainy and cold outside and the most comfortable place to be is in the refuge of your own bed. To actually push the covers off and step out of the bed is a difficult task. A day awaits you once you have taken that first step . Maybe you already have your day planned out with work, school, appointments, etc. The fact of the matter is that no matter what we have "planned" for the day, nothing ever goes the way that we plan it to go. Appointments have to be canceled, schedules have to be moved around, and adjustments have to sometimes be quickly made as the days plays out. So why even get out of bed? So much uncertainty awaits you once you finally emerge from your slumber. Maybe you are like me and you delay this confrontation with life by hitting the SNOOZE button on your alarm two or three times before actually emerging from bed. It's not like the extra 14 total snooze minutes helps with your sleep deprivation. It's just a delay to the inevitable. The truth is that we feel that we are unprepared to start the day. Again, we don't know what to expect and although some people enjoy the excitement of surprises, others (including me) don't favor them as much. I believe that there is a bit of fear inside all of us as we ponder the question "What do you have for me today God?" I should probably say that I am optimistic by nature and that I am also a "morning" person. Generally once I have gotten out of bed, I hit the ground running and it is pedal to the metal for the next 18 or so hours. But the hesitation is there. In reality I must get out of bed. How will my bills be paid, my family be fed, and the luxuries of this life be met unless I go work at my job? I have no choice, I must get up! What good would it be to lay in bed and just waste away? It's obvious that getting up IS a necessity and we really do have no other choice. Even though we know this is true, we wrestle with this conflict daily. On those days when I do hit the snooze button once, twice, and on Thursdays mornings after a long night, sometimes THREE times, I often quote the words from an old AudioA song, "I want to say a prayer before my feet can hit the ground. Lord I give this day to You." Isn't that what it really all comes down to? To trust God for the things you know are about to happen is one thing, but to trust Him for the things that you know nothing about is another! So I guess I really don't have a SNOOZING problem...I have a TRUST problem. Can you relate?

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